Lee Nak-yo

The government, citing the need for social distancing, asked people to refrain from visiting their hometowns and ancestral graves on Chuseok, which fell on Oct. 1 this year.

Many people refrained from taking part in the age-old Chuseok customs of seeing their families and paying their respects at their family graves.

But Rep. Lee Nak-yon, chair of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea, went to Bongha Village in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, on Chuseok to visit the tomb of President Roh Moo-hyun, despite the Chuseok travel guidelines. He signed autographs for citizens who surrounded him after visiting the grave.

Source: Korea Herald

Lee Yill-byung

Despite a special travel advisory from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which asks people to avoid going abroad due to coronavirus concerns, Lee Yill-byung, the husband of Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha, traveled to the US on Oct. 3, presumably to buy a yacht.

Source: Korea Herald

Nina Bal

When Dr Nina Bal walked into the operating theatre in her surgical gown last December, she was nervous. She wasn’t there to perform a procedure, but to undergo eye surgery herself, and her medical background meant she was only too aware of the potential pitfalls involved.

She decided December would be the ideal time for surgery, when clinics had briefly reopened after the November lockdown (now Ezra is only consulting on Zoom, with a 100-strong waiting list for when he reopens) and, for once, she’d be staying at home with no social plans.

Source: Daily Mail

Paul Woods

The CEO of a large Ontario hospital is a hypocrite who lost his moral authority to lead because of his travel to the United States during the pandemic, according to the facility’s legal filings.

In an untested statement of defence, the London Health Science Centre provides a detailed account of why it terminated the employment of Dr. Paul Woods earlier this month.

Essentially, the hospital argues Woods was the author of his own misfortune. Word of his travels last year to Michigan and Florida — despite public health warnings against non-essential travel — prompted widespread outrage, the hospital says.

Source: The Star

Roman Prymula

The Czech Republic’s health minister is set to lose his job after visiting a Prague restaurant in what appeared to be a breach of emergency coronavirus regulations he had put forward in an effort to win the country’s increasingly desperate battle against coronavirus.

Roman Prymula, an epidemiologist and the main architect of the Czech regulations, was photographed on Wednesday night by the tabloid Blesk leaving the establishment, which appeared to be illicitly open to high-profile guests, hours after a fresh lockdown was imposed to combat the country’s soaring caseload.

Source: Guardian

Herb Simmons

Herb Simmons says if he was hiding something or thought that what he had done would jeopardize his credibility as St. Clair County’s emergency management director, he wouldn’t have shared video of it on social media.

But Simmons this week is being criticized for taking part in a professional wrestling promotion in Jackson, Tennessee, where spectators were seated in tight proximity to each other without a coronavirus-blocking face covering in sight.

“I shared it. People wouldn’t have even known about it if I hadn’t,” Simmons said of the video that has attracted scrutiny. “If I was doing something wrong would I have shared it?”

In addition to his duties managing the county’s emergency response and as mayor of East Carondelet, Simmons has worked in pro wrestling for nearly 50 years.

In a video from earlier October, Simmons is seen in another skit where he strips two wrestlers of their title belts while he’s surrounded by a sizable group of others.

Simmons participates in a daily live-streamed COVID-19 update in which St. Clair County officials deliver the latest statistics and other related news. Simmons frequently uses the update to urge residents to wear masks in public and to adhere to state-imposed mitigations.

Source: BND

Gretchen Whitmer 2

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer tweeted a photo from the ceremony and later said she “left with the feeling of great hope and optimism and determination.” The inauguration, however, violated Whitmer’s most recent “gatherings and face mask order,” which states that outdoor gatherings must be limited to 25 or fewer people. Around 2,000 people attended the inauguration, according to a Washington Post estimate. 

Source: Free Beacon