Herb Simmons

Herb Simmons says if he was hiding something or thought that what he had done would jeopardize his credibility as St. Clair County’s emergency management director, he wouldn’t have shared video of it on social media.

But Simmons this week is being criticized for taking part in a professional wrestling promotion in Jackson, Tennessee, where spectators were seated in tight proximity to each other without a coronavirus-blocking face covering in sight.

“I shared it. People wouldn’t have even known about it if I hadn’t,” Simmons said of the video that has attracted scrutiny. “If I was doing something wrong would I have shared it?”

In addition to his duties managing the county’s emergency response and as mayor of East Carondelet, Simmons has worked in pro wrestling for nearly 50 years.

In a video from earlier October, Simmons is seen in another skit where he strips two wrestlers of their title belts while he’s surrounded by a sizable group of others.

Simmons participates in a daily live-streamed COVID-19 update in which St. Clair County officials deliver the latest statistics and other related news. Simmons frequently uses the update to urge residents to wear masks in public and to adhere to state-imposed mitigations.

Source: BND

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