Eva Schichl, Joachim Herrmann, Wilhelm Schmidbauer, Robert Kopp & Andreas März

On Thursday, the farewell of the vice president of the police headquarters Upper Bavaria South, Eva Schichl was celebrated in Rosenheim. Her successor, Frank Hellwig, was introduced by Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (64, CSU) at a press conference.

After journalists had to leave the room through the emergency exit, food was served by the catering company “Prinzipal”.

Ten participants were served, including: Minister Herrmann, State Police President Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schmidbauer, Police Chief Robert Kopp and Rosenheim Mayor Andreas März (CSU).

When a policewoman noticed that BILD reporters were photographing the serving and clearing away, a privacy screen was put up.

According to the police, it was a “administrative meeting of the Ministry of the Interior” and “due to the lunchtime […] catering was offered”.

Source: Bild

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