Piers Morgan 2

Piers Morgan has been branded a hypocrite for jetting off on holiday in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, since Piers posted the photo, many of his followers have branded his actions of travelling abroad as “hypocritical”. 

Another writes: “Well Well!  Piers Morgan rages over social distancing in plane as Dr Hilary issues warning. Asked whether he would use a plane, Dr Hilary replied: “I wouldn’t fly. Absolutely not.” Ok for Piers though”. 

Later on, Piers posted a photo at his holiday home in France which caused some more anger amongst his followers. 

One wrote: “Piers you’ve let the side down here. Why choose to go abroad when you have been preaching others to not go. I know its hard, but if your audience members are peaking cause your slating the government you should be leading a better example on social media. Double standards here”.

Source: LMFM

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