Ralph Northam

Gov. Ralph Northam (D), slammed on social media over the weekend after he was photographed maskless and mingling with visitors in Virginia Beach, acknowledged Sunday that he should have been carrying a face mask in case he ended up in a crowd.

Northam has encouraged Virginians to wear masks in public and indicated on Friday that he planned to issue a mandate for masks on Tuesday, although it is not clear whether that would apply to outdoor public spaces, such as parks or beaches.

Northam, a physician, has also urged social distancing, specifically to stay at least six feet apart from others in public.

In photos that appeared on Twitter and Facebook, Northam is standing elbow-to-elbow with a group of three people as they pose for a picture at the shore. In another, he is taking a selfie with a woman. In another, he appears to be on the crowded beach boardwalk.

Source: Washington Post

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