Eric Garcetti

Garcetti publicly scolded Angelenos that were not obeying the strict stay at home orders by gathering with more than 10 people, not wearing masks or simply opening their business. He ordered utility companies to shut off utilities if anyone attempted to reopen their businesses. He cited and arrested law abiding citizens and business owners, guilty of only wanting to exercise their constitutional rights.

The mayor of Los Angeles didn’t stop there. He punished skaters by throwing sand in their skate parks, and hikers by putting up fences to enter the natural hiking trails across Los Angeles. They changed parking zones into no-parking zones by the beach and cited anyone that parked there. They did this in order to punish anyone that tried to go to the beach.

Garcetti’s past lectures to stay home and stay safe have now faded and he is taking a knee in front of his Larchmont Mansion with Black Lives Matter’s protesters who are urging him to “DEFUND POLICE”. He was not wearing a mask on June 2, 2020 during this appearance.

Source: Canyon News

Source: YouTube

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