Markus Söder

So far unreported by any media, evidence has turned up that Selina Söder, daughter Bavarian State Prime Minister Markus Söder, has taken part in an equestrian tournament in the state of Niedersachsen on November 1st.

Bavaria has some the strictest lockdown rules of all German states, which make it illegal to conduct “unneccesary” travel. Despite these harsh rules, the young lady from Nuerenberg – who’s horse is most likely sponsored by her dad – decided to take part in the equestrian tournament in Osnabrück. By car, the town is 475km away from her hometown of Nurenberg.

Young Miss Söder’s name can be found on the entry list for the tournament and there is also proof that she actually took part in the tournament. According to equestrian experts, Selina’s performance was below average.

Source: Turnierauskunft

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