Karla Nieman

A high-ranking city employee in El Paso said she did not disregard COVID-19 safety measures while hosting an birthday party for her daughter during the shutdown.

Photos of Karla Nieman, city attorney, show her having a birthday party on social media.

KFOX14 asked Mayor Dee Margo about the gathering with immediate family in her home, and about setting an example for El Pasoans.

“I don’t know if you asked a question so much as you made a statement, but, I’m a little upset that I wasn’t invited to the party,” Margo said. “They didn’t offer me any cake or ice cream or I might have done a drive-by”

El Paso is setting COVID-19 records again Thursday, city leaders pleaded with residents to change their behavior and turn things around. But exclusive pictures sent to KFOX14 shows some city leaders still are not following the rules themselves.

Source: KFOX14

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