Anne Will & Guests

During a political talk show in Germany’s state TV channel ARD, politicians and pundits agreed on the necessity of Covid restrictions. Then the show ends and you can see during the end credits how everyone is getting up and walking towards each other. No masks, no social distancing.

Participants were:

  • State Prime Minister of Northrine-Westfalia Armin Laschet
  • Chemist and virologist Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff
  • Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller
  • Physician and pandemic expert Kaschlin Butt
  • Politician Gerhart Baum
  • Philosopher Julian Nida-Rümelin

Not all of them can be seen cosying up with one another. But chances are high that they all mingled at one point.

Source: Ulrich Schneider on Twitter

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